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Apitherapy is a treatment of human's ailments by means of bee products, such as: honey, propolis, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee venom.
Expansion of this line has been caused by the occurrence in the world the tendency of replacement of the synthetic medicinal remedies having multiple side effects with the natural ones.
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The reason for growth popularity of apitherapy is the fact that bee products have got the whole number of the most valuable properties (anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, bio-stimulating, anesthetic, radio-defensive and others). These particular characteristics condition a high therapeutic effect of bee products for healing nerve system and mental disorders, cardiovascular diseases, alimentary tract disorders, some of the conditions of liver and kidneys, lungs, rheumatoid diseases etc.
It is important that there no any known side effects of bee products therapy on human's body.
Beehive products normalize metabolism, increase blood circulation, strengthen stamina, speed up physical and intellectual development of children etc.