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Loyalty Points


It pays to be loyal. Apihealth is excited to release our new online loyalty program. Now with purchases you can earn "Loyalty Points" which you can redeem on future purchases.

How do I earn Loyalty Points ?
Simply place an order at www.apihealth.com and most products you buy will earn you "Loyalty Points" that you will then be able to use for future purchases. The next time you shop you will see how many Loyalty Points you have available to use in the checkout. You can also view your Loyalty Points balance on your "My Account" page. Loyalty Points earned on your purchases are added to your balance once your order has been successfully completed. You will then have 6 months to use your Loyalty points before they expire.

What are Loyalty Points ?
You earn one "Loyalty Point" for every $5 you spend online on each product. Each Loyalty Point is worth 20c which you can then redeem on future purchases. So basically if you spend $110 on one product you will earn 22 Loyalty Points which you can then redeem for $2.20c off your next purchase.

1 x Bee Venom Mask @ $110 = 22 Loyalty Points which means you can now redeem $2.20c of your next purchase.

Can Loyalty Points be redeemed for cash ?

Can I use my Loyalty points and a Coupon Code at the same time.
No, you can not. You can only use one during a particular order.

Do my Loyalty Points ever expire ?
Yes they do, after 6 months.

Do I still get Loyalty Points if I have redeemed Loyalty Points on that order ?
Yes you do.

If I delete or cancel my order will I lose my Loyalty Points ?
Yes we will deduct the correct amount of Loyalty Points with regards to that order from your account.

When can I use my Loyalty Points ?
Loyalty Points can only be redeemed online at www.apihealth.com.

Can I transfer my Loyalty Points to another account ?
No Loyalty Points are not transferable.

I don't want my Loyalty points anymore, can I sell them?
No Loyalty Points are not transferable in anyway. Anyone caught selling them will void their Loyalty Points!

Do I have to be a registered ApiHealth NZ Ltd member to earn Loyalty Points ?
Yes you will have to have an account to start earning Loyalty Points.

Can I earn Loyalty Points for products I purchased previously ?
No. Loyalty points can only be earned on purchases made after the loyalty programme was implemented. When you place your order, the amount of Loyalty Points you will earn is detailed along with your order.

Please note: ApiHealth reserves the right to make changes to these conditions at anytime without notice or liability.