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Propolis Therapy

Propolis in beehives

Propolis is recognized as a powerful health protector
This sticky, brown resinous substance is collected by honeybees from various plants and mixed with wax. Used to sterilize their home against infection, bees also use propolis as a multi-purpose cement and varnish.
Propolis contains approximately 55% resins & balms, 30% wax, 10% etheric oils and 5% pollen. Rich in amino acids and trace elements, it also has a high vitamin content, including the valuable bioflavonoids. Those basic ingredients give propolis its dynamic bacteria-destroying power.

The flavonoids in propolis has a key features making its protective effect for the health. The high content of flavonoids in propolis is attributed to its success as a product itself. For centuries, preparations which contain flavonoids as the principal physiologically active constituents have been used by laymen and physicians in attempts to treat human disease. There are nine flavonoids in New Zealand Propolis which are unique compared to the mix of flavonoids in Propolis of other origins.

Propolis contains all 22 nutrients needed by the body for complete and perfect health. It contains over 16 different vitamins, as well as:
 amino acids (the building blocks of life itself)
All in complete and natural balance. Propolis is a safe diet supplement, producing no negative side effects, and taken regularly can actually create a positive reaction to the body.

Propolos extract

Propolis is harvested from the beehive and is available in various forms to be ingested internally or applied externally. As a tincture, it is an excellent choice for disinfecting and protecting cuts and abrasions. Since wax is part of its makeup, it even seals the wound like a bandage! Propolis is also available in capsule form, where it can be taken as a supplement aiding to support the immune system.