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Bee Pollen Extract

As gathered by the honey bee pollen is a very beneficial natural food and promoter of good health, which has been used by man for many centuries. No other natural product on earth could compete with bee pollen in the level of nutritional value. It is rich with natural components crucially important for human's body metabolism and well being.

The main well known beneficial properties of Bee Pollen according to scientific literature are:
 Support to the nervous and endocrine system activity
 Support to the digestive function
 Support to the immune system
 Improve appetite
 Provides nutritional support
 Stimulates longevity
However along with these facts it is well known already, that bee pollen is a very indigestible food. It is caused by the absence of special ferments in the human body which are able to destroy and digest the pollen casings.
That is why lately there have been developed a number of new technologies for breaking the pollen shells to make the useful components of bee pollen more digestible.
Our new unique active bee pollen extraction technology represents a major advance in making the full benefits of pollen available to the human body.

What is the uniqueness of ApiHealth Bee Pollen extract?

High degree of Bee Pollen casings destruction.
Comparative photomicrographs taken before and after the ultrasound processing of Bee Pollen showed that the degree of Bee pollen casings disruption is around 95%. By doing this we made the useful contents of bee pollen grains highly accessible for further extraction or consumption.
BP Picture 1 BP Picture 2
Photomicrograph of pollen grains before disruption
Photomicrograph showing disrupted pollen

Shelf life expansion and preservation of useful properties of Bee Pollen.
For expansion of the shelf life and preservation of useful properties of Bee Pollen the disruption of bee pollen is made in a special hydro alcoholic solution. Biological activity of Bee Pollen useful components is not affected by this process. Stability of the obtained solution is quite high and the shelf life will become much longer. Another advantage of the process used is sterilization of the obtained bee pollen extract, elimination of any micro flora, living in the surface of bee pollen grains. Extract is safe in terms of its being a carrier for any animal or plants diseases.
High degree of extraction of active bee pollen components.
To increase concentration of extracted valuable components from disrupted bee pollen we used multi-staged extraction process with use of the series of solutions with further evaporation. From the scientific sources (Cristina Mateescu, Doina Barbalescu, Anna Cristea, Apimondia Congress, 1997) it is known that even after extraction of not disrupted raw bee pollen almost all useful components are getting into the solution; however the percentage of them in the extract is not so high. Since in our method almost 95% of the outer casings of bee pollen are disrupted, we can assume that the percentage of the extracted bee pollen substances in our case will be at the level of around 80%.


Allergic components removal.
One of the important and differential features of our bee pollen extract will be the absence of outer casings, which contain the most active allergenic components and which are removed in the course of the process. Thus the allergenic activity of the extract is minimized, while all valuable ingredients are preserved in the solution.

So ApiHealth Bee Pollen extract has got the following properties:
 High stability
 Preservation of all useful properties
 Low allergenic activity
 High concentration of the valuable nutrition components
 High digestibility
 High level of sterility