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VENZ™ - New Zealand Bee Venom

VENZ™ is a Trade Mark for ApiHealth bee venom collected in New Zealand which has a unique therapeutic effect and hypoallergenic and it can be used in right dose for producing health product as a food additive and for manufacturing pharmaceutical products.
These unique qualities, combinied with a sensible method of venom collection, are characteristics for VENZ™ in comparison with venom of any other origin.
ApiHealth NZ Ltd is a major manufacturer of VENZ™ in New Zealand. We use a highly effective technology of bee venom collection, which provide the highest quality VENZ™in commercial quantity without damaging the bees. Our technology patented in NZ (Patent # 329585 )
It is quite difficult to get high quality venom, as well as to safely preserve the product. ApiHealth NZ Ltd employee are highly qualified specialists who ensure the quality control of VENZ™.
ApiHealth NZ Ltd provides the customers with Certificate of Quality where they can find information on physical and chemical characteristics of the venom, as well as details of its biological potential. Generally, all those characteristics are crucial for the quality of this natural and ecologically pure product. Research finding on VENZ™ conducted by the company show our product differs from other venoms. With its unique ferment activity, New Zealand Venom can be easily identified among other venoms and successfully used in health products.

Quality characteristics of bee venom:
 Admixtures (water non-dissoluble) (%)
 Weight loss after drying (%)
 Ashes general (%)
 Hemolytic Activity (min)
 A2 Phospholipase Activity (mkM/mg.min)
 Mellitin (%)
 Apamin (%)
The only way to avoid profit loss and problems associated with low quality product is to ask for a Certificate of Quality issued by highly qualified specialists.
Another important thing for any customer is to be sure about the origin of bee venom. At the moment there are many sources of venom (often the cheaper varieties) on the world market. Our company provides the customers with a VENZ™ Certificate of Origin, stating the place the bee venom was taken and time of production. We will be happy to provide any additional information about VENZ™ origin on request.
We offer our product only to the companies with special facilities and equipment for health product manufacturing. VENZ™ is not available for individuals.