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Bee Pollen Research

ApiHealth NZ Ltd conducts scientific bee pollen research in a number of fields:
 Development of the technology for bee pollen outer casings disruption and their removal
 Development of the technology for making rich bee pollen extract without bee pollen shells
 Study of biochemical parameters of bee pollen extract compared with raw bee pollen
 Development of the technology for oil extraction of bee pollen
 Development of the technology for waste less processing of bee pollen and development the whole range of new bee pollen health products.
bee pollen

Enumerated lines of scientific research in the development of new bee pollen products is one of the new directions of our company.
BP Picture 1
Photomicrograph of pollen grains before disruption
BP Picture 2
Photomicrograph showing disrupted pollen
We have made a significant progress in the development of the technology for bee pollen outer casings disruption, and making active bee pollen extract. We have started developing some new health products on the basis of bee pollen products.
In the near future we are planning to extend the number of applications for bee pollen and in this connection we are planning to carry out comparative biochemical researches of bee pollen products.