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Bee Herbal Products


ApiHealth Bee-Herbal products are completely natural products which not only taste delicious, but also are natural tonic, which support immune system. The major ingredient of these products is Ginseng extract.
Called the "King of Herbs", Ginseng is the best-known herb of all time to longevity enthusiasts. The chief constituents of ginseng are largely long chain polysaccharides, saponins, ginsenins, panoxic acid, panaxin, panaquilon, elemental minerals, and some B vitamins as well as other substances.
Ginseng is used generally for its tonic and adaptogenic benefits and its ability to support strength and energy as well as its reported use as a longevity herb.
Herbal honey manufactured with use of traditional ancient Chinese technology Ginseng extract blended with New Zealand Manuka honey provides the following properties to the products:
 Tonic effect
 Support the body's natural energy resources
 Assist to intellectual faculties, lucidity of mind
 Support the immune system
 Support activity of all body systems
 Helps the body to achieve its optimum functional regime