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Bee Venom Research

ApiHealth NZ Ltd conducts scientific bee venom research in several fields:
 Development of new technologies for bee venom collection
 Study of biochemical and physical chemical parameters of New Zealand bee venom
 Study of Phospholipase activity (the most active allergen of bee venom) of New Zealand bee venom
 Development of the methods of control of bee venom concentration in final honey products
We have very close relationships with Russian scientific researchers. Sharing the knowledge and experience with similar organizations helps us not only be up-to-date with new scientific achievements in technologies, but also enables up to develop new approaches in both bee venom collection and the development of new health products.
A number of various experiments and tests on bee venom products are now being made in the company, aiming to assess the venom biological action in the product as well as to determine its real concentration in ointments, creams, capsules, honey, etc.
Those methods are highly sensitive and are vital for technology control at the factories/companies involved in blending fluid honey with dry venom powder. The best results in bee venom production can be achieved only by following the technological requirements. This will guarantee the final product will demonstrate its biological potential, benefits and safety, when used in preventive care and medical treatment for humans.
We welcome all scientific researchers who are interested in studying bee venom and its applications for further scientific co-operation.