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Dear our friends!
We are happy that our products helping you for long time! Tasty and quick!
Also we would be grateful to you if you write a couple of lines about your state of health before and after the use of our products.
Here are some of your stories:
I had a very bad pain in my joint. My friends recommended me to try bee venom cream and after just two applications I felt a drastic relief, the pain had gone completely. Later on I decided to use bee venom cream when I got bronchitis. I rubbed it in my chest and made sure the area of application was warmed up as to instructions. The cough began to grow down and after a few applications of the cream, all signs of bronchitis totally disappeared. I think ApiVENZ Relief is a great break through, miraculous all natural remedy for any kind of inflammation.
Serge, Taupaki, Auckland
For more than ten years I have suffered from severe arthritis, which has affected my neck, back, shoulders, knees and feet, in particular my left knee and right foot. During much of that time I have had varying degrees of pain and discomfort, which all times had prevented me from walking because of the swelling and pain. Over the years I have been prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets by me doctor which have only offered temporarily relief. These tablets are accompanied by a medical warning that stated there could be side effects. It was also recommended that I have a left knee joints replacement as a first step. When it comes to alternative remedies I have always been sceptic in the past. However desperation drove me to try various remedial measures, none of which had much effect until, that is, I used the bee venom honey and creams developed by the Russian scientists Nikolai Nikolaev and Tatiana Nikolaeva, whose company ApiHealth NZ Ltd  are making these products. I have used other similar products, but non-offered the relief I have experienced since using, what is to me a unique formula. As far as I am concerned, the results have been almost miraculous. I can move with relative freedom and very little discomfort, which given the degree of my disability and age is truly remarkable. I am profoundly grateful to these fine people and wish them every success in the future
Margaret, 80, New Zealand
Dear Dr Nikolaev,
Allow me to express my greatest appreciation for your ApiVENZ Relief cream and Bee Venom Honey. I have had pain in my knee for some years and tried a lot of different medicines trying to get rid of it, but they only helped me for a short period of time, besides all of them had an unpleasant smell. I think I was really lucky to get ApiVENZ Relief and Honey & Bee Venom that helped me very much. I got rid of the pain in my knee and now can walk easily and quickly. The cream is just terrific and very helpful and on top of that has a really pleasant smell. Thank you very much.
Maria, Auckland
I am so grateful to producers of ApiVENZ Relief cream. It is just marvellous. My knees got inflamed, and the pain was so strong, that I could hardly walk. I had tried a whole lot of different remedies without any success, but when I tried ApiVENZ Relief in combination with Honey & Bee Venom the result happened to be stunning. I could not believe that, but just after a few applications of the cream, combined with taking Honey, I sad "good bye" to the pain, and that was the first night in many months, that I slept comfortably. Now I feel healthy and able to move on with my normal life.
Helen, Carterton, New Zealand
ApiVENZ has become a universal remedy for me. It helps me not only as a muscle or joint pain relief but also as a remarkable remedy against any kind of cold. When rubbed in the chest or throat it helps settling down the cough and pain. Manuka ProVENZ  is a fabulous remedy against angina. I am very happy to use Bee venom products developed by Dr Nikolaev.
Tatiana, Auckland
Dear Tatiana
We are all trying honey for ailments both major and minor with good results.
I am recovering from CIDP Chronic Inflammatory Demyelating Polyneuropathy.  It began quite unexpectedly and affected me quite dramatically, with even walking upstairs becoming almost impossible after only four weeks.
I was diagnosed in the Neurology dept. of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and treated with 5 days of Immunoglobulin Therapy.  I started to improve immediately and was told I would need treatment monthly, of at least 2 days of intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy.
That was 2 months ago and I have not needed any further treatment except that I now take VENZ pollen honey daily to increase my steroid level.
I had been offered steroids, as an alternative treatment, when first diagnosed but did not wish to take them due to possible side effects I had heard about for unnatural steroids.
I feel the increase in my own steroid level, which bee venom produces, has helped me get over this potentially debilitating condition.
I also use the Deer Velvet honey to increase my strength and endurance and boost my immune system and my son takes it too, to help him grow and cope with a very active sports life, squash, football, badminton, rugby. He no longer gets headaches which had been troubling him for some time and he has grown two inches in the last two months.
One of my friends is using the Apivenz relief cream to treat a knee injury he sustained years ago which had never fully recovered and is finding he is walking much better now.All in all the products are working and I hope to get my website operational very soon so I can bring these benefits to many more people.
Jim Georgeson. Scotland
Dear Sir/Madam,
My wife has been using your honey for some time, as she finds massive benefits with her arthritic hip. Having seen the marked improvement I also started to take it for the spondilitus in my neck (with the same benefits). We have just been notified by our current supplier that they will have to cease supplies shortly (for up to twelve months). Can we order direct from yourselves and what would be the costs to the UK?
Regards. Anthony Street, UK  ( 22.02.05)
Dear friends,
I have almost finished my first jar of ApiVenz, which I am taking for Rheumatoid arthritis. I think I can notice an improvement, and have ordered another jar.
Kind regards, Hilary Oliver, Australia ( 07.02.05)
Dear Tatiana,
I definitely felt better by the time I finished the first jar, but need the second one to make a long-lasting improvement. Many of my friends are interested, as some of them are only in their early twenties and suffering badly from RA, so you might get some more emails from Australia!
Kind regards, Hilary Oliver, Australia (14.02.05)
Dear Dr. Nikolaeva,
We were all very impressed with how quickly your products are moving here.  Our customers agree
they are of very high quality and effective.
The General Store, Kooskia, Idaho, USA
I am writing to share the results I have had with the above product of yours.
I have been suffering with ankolitas spondolitas, a form of arthritis affecting the spine. To control the discomfort and pain , I was taking 2 x 75mg of voltaren a day for about 13 yrs. Recently a very good friend suggested I try your product instead of the voltaren. I am pleased to tell you that I have not had any need to take the voltaren for just over 2 months now. This is an amazing turnaround as previously I could not go 2 days without the voltaren.
I have also had a dramatic improvement in the movement of one of my fingers that is affected by arthritis. It no longer feels sore or aches constantly. I would have no hesitation in recommending people to try this product as I have experienced a huge improvement myself which I wasn't obtaining from the many other medicines I have tried over the years.
Regards,  Kerry Buckley, Auckland
Hi Tatiana,
I thank you very much for the information provided, that put me at ease, as your product are of importance in management of my health, as I told you before your products have help me where conventional meds, failed, as I use all bee venom that you have for sale, hope that I don’t bother you by my questions, ut I have one. DO YOU MAKE ROYAL JELLY WOTH BEE VENOM,//  or it is something that you may have in the future, since I am taking royal jelly too, I was wondering
Thanks again, regards, Andre, USA, 2014
on “ApiHealth” health products
City of Auckland, NZ                                                                                      June 21, 2004.
I’ve experienced unique medical properties and qualities of products from “ApiHealth” company.
These products has provided health back to me helped me to get rid of the whole list of severe
Medical conditions.
My name is Vladimir Biyenko and I was born in 1938 in Ukraine. All my life I’ve lived in the Odessa city up until 2002. In 2002 I left Ukraine and came to New Zealand for permanent residency to reunite with the family of my daughter who lives in NZ since 1996. The hard process of immigration has reflected . On me, harshly deteriorating my health and putting me under severe stress. I arrived into Auckland on February 2nd, 2002 and on February 10th, I was already on surgeon’s table in the hospital. During this short time a huge abscess has developed on the back of my body, which had to be removed surgically, what in return has aggravated my diabetes and didn’t allow Treatment with medication. A final preparation has put me into coma, but surgery was done and my life saved.
After surgery I began to treat diabetes, which became insulin dependent.  Insulin injections, proper diet and everyday walk began to slowly return my health back to me. In 3 months I was already able to start to treat diabetes with metmorphine pills.
During process of treatment, I’ve regularly measured the level of blood sugar with electronic glucometer. So all results have substantial ground. It took me almost 6 month to treat diabetes with metphormine pills to stabilize level of blood sugar.
My general health condition was extremely unstable:
- frequent insomnia;
- high blood pressure (200/100)
- deteriorated vision;
- depression.
It was really necessary for me to find the way to general recovery of my health.
I turned my attention toward products from “ApiHealth” LTD. All products are prepared and manufactured by Doctors Tatiana and Nikolai Nikolaev’s using innovated technologies.In accordance with their recommendations I began to consume their health products.I started the first course of treatment in November 2003 taking internally “Manuka honey with bee venom”. During the process of treatment I consumed 4 jars, 250gr each. Total: 1000gr.
My blood pressure lowered to the level of 150/80 three days after the beginning of treatment, stabilized and remained on this level since then. The above-mentioned level of blood pressure happened to be comfortable for myself and allows me to live and work normally.
Taking into consideration my diabetes, I began my second course of treatment using “ApiHealth”
ApiVENZ Relief chewable tablets. This product contains New Zealand’s Manuka honey, New Zealand’s bee venom and glucosamine During the process of treatment, I’ve consumed 2 jars of chewable tablets, 60 tablets each. Total 120 tablets.
Two courses of treatment with health products from “ApiHealth” LTD has significantly improved my health condition and stabilized it. I’d like to mention positive effect of these health products on central nervous system and general psychological condition. They improved my sleep, relived me from depression, quick fatigue and exhaustion, lowered my blood pressure, and improved my vision by 2pts.
Finally I began to see life in colors. “ApiHealth”LTD health products helped me to feel younger again. I noticed an improved sexual potency and slight hair growth on my head.
These health products allowed me to maintain normal blood sugar level without insulin, metmorphin and other medications. Also, I’d like to mention that I didn’t experience any negative side effects. Summarizing all above mentioned, I could conclude that I went thru the miracle of natural healing. These, of course, beautiful results, which achieved after two courses of treatment.
I’d like to wish to all who suffers from any kind of ailment or medical conditions to achieve same positive results in treatment. The healing qualities and properties of products from “ApiHealth” LTD are very unique. It would’ve been expedient to clinically test “ApiHealth”LTD health products and to develop new technologies for general healing and anti-aging.
The amount of work carried out by “ApiHealth” LTD in developing health products and all results collected during their applications open every possible ways to the solution of this immense task.
Sincerely yours, Vladimir Biyenko