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Bee Venom Therapy


Throughout the history of civilisation, bee venom has been well known as a medicine. Its therapeutic effect and benefits are described in the works of ancient natural scientists and doctors, such as Hippocratus (IV century AD), Plinius (I century), Halen (II century). Nowadays, an extensive research all around the world is being done on its medical applications. In most cases, bee venom is more effective than synthetic products.
"Everything on earth is venom, nothing lacks venomousness. Only a dose turns substance into venom or medicine", Parcels the great healer used to say more than 300 years ago.

Bee venom has multiple effects on the body: it improves blood circulation, support physical strength and well being, support to joint mobility, has anti-oxidant effects, support to the immune system.


What is so special about bee venom value?
Bee venom is a unique multi-component complex, which contains about 30 biologically active compounds, some of which are practically impossible to get synthesized by chemical methods.
The main components are peptides: melittin, apamin, peptide 401, adolapin, and protease inhibitors.

Innovative use of bee venom as a food supplement
Side by side with traditional bee sting therapy it is possible now to use bee venom in health products as a food supplement. New Zealand happened to be the first country in the world that started using Bee Venom as an ingredient in products for health (blend of honey and venom).
Bee venom products range produced in New Zealand by ApiHealth includes not only bee venom honey based products, but also skin care products.
Most of those products were developed according to the recommendations and with the use of technology of ApiHealth NZ Ltd.

Bee Venom Manuka Honey