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Bee Pollen Products

ApiHealth products containing Bioactive Bee Pollen extract are innovative and exclusive natural products in New Zealand. They were prepared using scientific technologies which removes 95% of the tough outer casing of the tiny pollen grain and preserve all the healthful properties and the biologically active useful bee pollen component.
Their benefit for body arises from a combination of all natural ingredients which provide complementary effect (New Zealand bee venom, New Zealand Propolis, New Zealand Deer Velvet extract and New Zealand honey).
These products help to rejuvenate your body, stimulate organs and glands, enhance vitality, increase energy levels, strengthened the immune systems and stimulate longevity.

Bee-pollen general
What is the uniqueness of our Bee Pollen extract?
It is well known, that bee pollen is a very indigestible food. It is caused by the absence of special ferments in the human body, which are able to destroy and digest the pollen casings. That is why lately there have been developed a number of new technologies for breaking the pollen shells to make the useful components of bee pollen more digestible.
Our new bee pollen extraction technology represents a major advance in making the full benefits of pollen available to the human body, because:
 High degree of Bee Pollen casings destruction and thus bee pollen components are absorbing much easer by the digestive system.
 Shelf life expansion and high stability and sterility with preservation of useful properties of Bee Pollen. Our bee pollen extract is stable over long period of time provided it is correctly stored at room temperature.
 High degree of extraction of active bee pollen components provides high concentration of the valuable substances.
 Low allergenic activity because allergic components removal. The taste of our products is much more pleasant because unpleasant tasting yeasts are removed as well.
Active Bee Pollen honey
A range of Bee Pollen honeys based on unique natural properties of NZ Bee Pollen extract combined with anti-inflammatory properties of New Zealand Manuka honey and others bee products provides many beneficial properties:
 support immune system and body energy
 support intestinal function
 support digestion and appetite
 nutrition support
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Bee Pollen liquid balsams
A range of Bee Pollen liquid balsams made from high quality of New Zealand Bee pollen combined with others bee products and Deer Velvet extract is very effective for support immune system.