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Royal Jelly


Royal jelly is a creamy product secreted by young nurse worker bees for feeding to the queen, queen larvae and other young larvae. It is totally synthesized by the bees in the hypopharyngeal and mandibular glands and is derived from the proteins and nutrients in the pollen ingested by the secreting bees.

Royal jelly consists of an emulsion of proteins, sugars, and lipids in a water base. The proteins have no particularly unusual properties and have the main presumed function of providing the growing larva or the queen a readily digested source of protein. The remainder of the composition, except the lipids, also appears to be oriented toward providing balance nutrients for the consuming individuals.

The lipids are unusual because they lack the normal triglycerides and diglycerides that are composed of fatty acids having carbon chains of even numbers from 14 to 20 that are typical of insect fats. Instead royal jelly lipids composed mostly of short chained 8-10 carbon hydroxy fatty acids or diacids. These compounds have active functionalities at both ends of the molecule, are more soluble in water than usual fatty acids, are highly acidic and act as good detergents and antimicrobial agents.
Royal Jelly

For humans royal jelly possesses the appealing properties of being a creamy emulsion. These make it an ideal component of cosmetic and skin care products.
Miraculous beneficial properties of Royal Jelly attract attention of many researchers.
Royal Jelly is very useful as an overall restorative product. It is also helpful in cases when the body is weakened by ageing. The patients gain their appetite and normal weight back, become cheerful and vivacious.

It is discovered that Royal Jelly:
 Support the immune system
 Rejuvenates the body, increase mental and physical working ability
 Assists in growing and development of the body
 Normalizes metabolism
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It has to be noted that the application of Royal Jelly as a healing remedy is still a disputable issue, and the fact that it can not be taken by people with allergic reaction to it must not be ignored.
Further research of chemical content and biological properties of Royal Jelly promises very interesting perspectives of its application as a healing natural remedy.