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Bee Venom Products

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We offer range of bee venom products for oral and external application.

All our bee venom products have major ingredient - New Zealand Bee Venom VENZ™ which has the highest level of main healing peptide Melittin (85%) and unique beneficial properties, which help for joint mobility, support of immune system and others general health.

Our company the first in New Zealand started to collect bee venom in 1997 (NZ patent #329585) and was a first bee venom manufacturer in New Zealand to suggest, utilize dry bee venom powder for making honey based products and later developed the technology of mixing both liquid and dry honey with dry bee venom. The safe and beneficial for health dosage of bee venom in the products was scientifically substantiated. This technology was recognized as innovative (NZ patent #333790).

ApiVENZ™ Relief Chewable Tablets

ApiVENZ™ Relief Chewable Tablets

Natural Power for Joint and muscles